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Domain names, don't let them expire

Barbara Pearn - Tuesday, September 12, 2017

This may seem like very simple advise, but we've seen this happen often. Clients let their domains expire. It takes a lot of effort to restore your website.

If your domain expires, your website will go down and so does your email, if you have an email associated with your website.

Keep your domain account paid and up-to-date.

How does this happen?

Clients change their email addresses or forget where their domain is registered. The domain registrar sends out an email and you ignore it because it looks like other emails you get that are spam.

Or your credit card expires and you don't update it in your account.

What happens if your domain expires?

You could loose your domain name forever. All the work you've done to promote your website is gone. There could be a lot of links pointing to your website that you don't know about and they will all return a not found error. People looking for your website will think you have gone out of business.

Save yourself a lot of grief and keep your domain name accounts paid.